Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer's here

Today was fun. Rion started Ballet Basics. That's basically a 2 week ballet camp for the little ones. He's been counting down for the last week. I had to convince him that he needed to shower and eat before we left. He really enjoyed it. Usually, when he goes to ballet with us, he just sits in the lobby or office with mommy. He's been trying to convince everyone for the last 2 years that he's old enough to take ballet. So, finally being "big" enough to take a class was HUGE.

We came home, ate lunch and dropped Ian off at church to go to twilight (day) camp w/Scouts. It was William's first full day of summer. So, he got to join us on a trip to Grandma and Papa's. I taught Daddy how to attach photos with his email. (Bethany, make sure Grandma Trudie shows you your pictures.) Then, we spent the afternoon hanging out- much of which was on the porch. It was very enjoyable.

Ian had a great time at camp. He came home hot and tired and happy. It was very interesting comparing today with his first day of camp last year. Last year, he wanted me to wait with him until it was time to go. Today, he jumped out the back door and said, "Goodbye" as he ran to his friends. It makes a momma proud.

I'm gonna try to get a couple of pictures tomorrow to share.

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