Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day & candy & Rion

For Father's Day, the boys took all their pennies and $2.50 worth of "silver coins" to Coinstar. They ended up with about $35. They got a large card- $10. Then, they got dinner at McDonald's and Panda Express. Daddy won't eat McD's and the two youngest don't eat Panda. It was difficult for William to sit back and let his boys pay for dinner. But, he was very gracious about it. They were quite proud of themselves.

We gave him his cards this morning and two of his favorite types of candy- circus peanuts and Sour Patch Kids. We kept trying to explain to Rion that these were Daddy's special candy. I've been trying to explain to him since last night that since it's a present, Daddy doesn't have to share. Daddy always ends up sharing anyway though. Rion kept asking for some of Daddy's candy. So, Kelvin thought he would be nice and offer an alternative candy- a Warhead.

Here's the video of Rion's first Warhead:

Shortly after this, we each had one and Rion decided that he wanted to try a yellow instead. Here's the result:

Apparently, he has decided that he prefers Daddy to start it out and then he'll finish it. Then, William gave him one of his circus peanuts. Rion was very happy. Then, 2 hours later, he asked for another yellow one. I told him he could try another one later this week.


Gin Gin said...

Awesome. Entertainment for my whole family! Sorta felt sorry for him at first, but he's too funny with the screaming every time.

Jeff said...

April, Great idea with having the kiddos pay for everything. A clever three part lesson: 1) the pride of paying for something themselves; 2) the meaning of sacrificing for someone else to show them their appreciation; and 3) money is an exhaustible resource. Way to go mom!