Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crazy birds

Unfortunately, I have no pics for this. We were too much in shock to think of a camera at the time.

Yesterday was an INSANE day. Luckily, Ginney was here to help with stuff. Kelvin went out to check the mail. He felt something hit his head. He thought it was weird but just got the mail. As he was coming back in, he tried to figure out what it could have been. Then, he remember that we have a bird nest over our entryway. He looked on the porch for any signs, to no avail. He opened the door and there was an adolescent bird sitting in front of the door.

At this point, I hear, "Uhm, we have a problem. There's a bird." My initial reaction was, "Duh." We keep getting rid of the nest and it keeps coming back. Then, he says, " the house." It was so surreal. Ginney and I kinda looked at each other and the only thing either of us could say was, "What?" There was no flapping or anything and it took a while to process it.

At this point, the bird was in the corner behind the door and apparently stunned. It wasn't moving at all. Some of you know that I have an aversion to birds. They're dirty and unpredictable. They can peck your eyes out with their little beaks or claw you. (I didn't say it was reasonable.) Apparently, Gin has the same issues. So, Ginney, Kelvin and I are all standing at least 10 feet from this little bird. I tried to walk toward it to assess the situation. I got about 3 steps closer and had to back up. It was really pathetic.

So, Ginney has the idea that since it's still stunned, we can use the broom to get it on the dust pan to take it back out. Brilliant idea but not one of us could get close enough to execute it. So, Ginney suggest we call animal control because there is a wild animal in the house. Not prepared to look like a complete idiot in front of a stranger, I call Daddy. Mom answered the phone. In not so many words, she agrees that we're all pathetic. She finally asks if maybe Sammy can handle. I ask him. He walks to the front door, looks down at the little bird, looks at me with a raised eyebrow, shakes his head and goes to the other room. Mom finally says, "You're interrupting his movie but Dad's on his way."

While we're waiting for Daddy, we keep the door open just enough so if he so decides, the bird can get out. Then the bird flaps his wings and Kelvin squeaks. We all give a nervous laugh. Ginney grabs my That's-A-Bowl (my favorite mixing bowl) and says to give it to Kelvin. Kelvin can get closer than we can. My initial reaction was, "NO FREAKIN' WAY!" She calmly asked if I would prefer a bird flying around my house. I reluctantly handed it to Kelvin with instructions to just put it over the bird in an emergency situation. So, now Kelvin is standing with the broom in his right hand and the giant bowl in his left- quite the image.

Luckily, Daddy only lives about 4 blocks away and got here quickly. He brought a net with him and came in caught the bird and took it out. The whole process took him about 30 seconds. We thanked him and he went home. I'm so glad that my parents live so close and are willing to come over and help me when I'm being neurotic.

Next time you see Kelvin, you'll have to ask him for the re-enactment. He's quite funny.